Pain Management

Our staff at Advanced Medical and Wellness Center are experienced in addressing the needs of those living with chronic pain either from structural and anatomic issues related to previous injury or overuse. We use a combination of medications, order appropriate testing when indicated and will review all imaging, consults and labs in order to tailor a program to help our patients regain their lives and become free of chronic pain.

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At Advanced Medical and Wellness Center, we use a systematic and evidence based approach towards treating pain. Whenever a patient comes to us for pain management, we pay special attention to their needs. We review various tests, imaging and lab report to draft a program in order to achieve the best results. Thus, patients can be assured of receiving individualized care as they begin to regain control over their lives free from chronic pain.


We offer solutions to chronic pain by helping our patients access all types of treatment modalities.

 Here at Advanced Medical and Wellness Center we have a licensed Myotherapist who can help with many types of pain secondary to overuse as well as many other types of chronic conditions such as tinnitus, vertigo, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and chronic lower back pain.

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