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Every family deserves a provider that they can depend on: Providers who are aware of your medical and family history and the intricacies of your needs so that care can be delivered in a holistic and encompassing fashion.

finding this can be the challenge

With a dash of personal care offered by Advanced Medical Center, you can have the convenience of consulting skilled practitioners all in a single facility. 

Our desire is to make health care easily accessible to you and your loved ones.

We provide wellness exams and wellness panels to help you identify key areas of risk.

our goal is simple: get you well and keep you well


We test for many, if not all of the most common types of allergies seen in our region.

Allergic response can cause a variety of symptoms frequently attributed to other disease processes such as fatigue, chronic headaches, poor sleep, reactive airway disease, and others.

We provide a staged approach to help identify those allergies that may be affecting you on a daily basis.

Once identified we will help tailor an Immune Therapy Program, we aim to reduce the atypical response to the allergen.

helping you live better, and breathe easier


We conveniently have an in-house phlebotomist,

who conducts blood tests, and other blood-related examinations right here in the office!

There is no need for our patients to be referred out, or to look elsewhere!

at our patient's convenience


we believe prevention is better than a cure

offering a wide range of wellness services including:

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Vitamin B-12 Shots, Myotherapy, Weight Loss Solutions & Management, Phentermine, Blood Work, Cancer Screening, STI Testing, Allergies & Immunity, Physical Evaluations & Exams, CBD Wellness, Pain Management, Medication Management, and Mental/Behavioral Health. 

our experts are here to help guide you through your journey

Schedule your wellness check-up today!

Advanced Medical Center aspires to be a comprehensive unit offering a range of medical services, amongst which primary healthcare reigns supreme.

Our mission is to make affordable and enhanced medical services available to all.

Whether you seek someone who can conduct wellness exams or you are looking for

general preventive care – your search ends at Advanced Medical Center.

For over last 25 years, we have been providing A to Z medical services all in one facility and we will continue to do so for as long as we can.